•  Q: I like BIAS Amp LE, is there a discount if I upgrade to Standard or Professional? 
      A: No, we don't offer any discount at the moment.
  • Q: What’s the difference between BIAS AMP LE, Standard, and Professional?  
      A: Please refer to Comparison Chart
  • Q: I bought BIAS Head second handed. Will BIAS Amp LE work with BIAS Head/Rack?
      A: Yes. On the software side, only the preamp and control panel can be controlled. The rest will need to            be manipulated on the head itself.
  • Q: I already have BIAS Amp Standard/Pro, am I missing any features with the LE version?
      A: No, BIAS Amp LE is a stripped down” version of BIAS Amp.
  • Q: Can I preview presets on ToneCloud? 
      A: Yes, preview works on ToneCloud.
  • Q: Can I export the amps to my BIAS FX LE?
      A: Yes, after the installation of BIAS AMP LE you can find find them in your BIAS FX LE.
  • Q: I already own BIAS Standard/Pro, can I sell my license? 
      A: No, please refer to our EULA.
  • Q: I find some modules I can’t get access to, why? With LE, what can I tweak to my taste? 
      A: Those grey-out modules are for Standard and Professional, for more information please refer to Comparison Chart. 
  • Q: Why can’t I use certain presets on ToneCloud ?
      A: They were built with either standard or professional licenses.
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