Is BIAS Amp Desktop a porting from BIAS Amp iOS?

BIAS Desktop is an all-new design from the ground up, with over 500,000 lines of code and 2 years of development (yep, lots of works, and we actually started it before the mobile version).
We think cross-platform is very interesting because when we put the same technology on different OS and devices, it allows users to create, share and download over tens of thousands amp models, and that's never been possible before.
During our development, we also took several steps further: first, we designed BIAS Desktop with a much more complex and robust software architecture so it's ready for professional studio and serious home recording applications; second, it's subtle but we worked hard to keep the look and feel quite similar but optimized for larger displays. and last we spent significant amount of engineering hours to develop and support various formats (AAX/RTAS/VST/AU) for all major DAWs for both Windows and Mac, this makes BIAS Desktop ready for professional studio usage.
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