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BIAS FX offers the best sounding guitar amps and effects for your iOS device. The following will help explain the layout of amps and effects in order to get you on the road to achieving great tone!

Signal Path

The signal path is kind of like a signal order for your amp and effects. Your guitar would be first in line with amps/effects following. You can change the order of the amp or effects in the signal path to achieve different sounds.

We recommend using the noise gate in the first slot at all times in order to reduce any unwanted hiss coming from your guitar or pickups.

You can also tap the “+” under the amp to activate dual signal path processing. Using 2 amps at a time, you can pan from L to R channels or have them as mono, and adjust their volume to create limitless tone possibilities.

Control Panel

The control panel can be accessed by tapping on the “gear” icon in the lower right section of the screen. Here you will be able to set up different features of the app to your liking.

You can turn on background audio to allow the sound of the app to continue to play while you browse another app, change how the knobs respond to your touch (linear or rotary), as well as the latency settings.  

Signal Path Order

The signal path order can be customized to your liking.  We recommend starting with a noise gate.  From there you can tailor your sound by putting amps or effects in different slots.  To do this:

  1. Simply tap and hold an effect or amp in the chain and drag them to a place in the signal chain.  
  2. One example for a distorted guitar sound would be:


Noise Gate > Distortion Pedal > EQ Pedal > Amp > Chorus > Delay > Reverb


Any of these items can be turned on or off by “flicking” them up (out of the signal path) or down (into the chain).  Alternately, you can tap on the effect and tap the red LED light to turn the effect on or off.

Add / Select Different Amp/FX Models

Add / Switching to a different amp or effect is a breeze.


  • Tap on the “+” at the right side and you’ll have a selection menu of effects to choose from
  • Tap on the pedal and it will add to the signal path.
  • Double tap the amp or effect and you’ll be able to change current amp or effect.  This will bring up a scrollable picture menu of the various amps or effects available to you.  
  • To choose one, choose a category and the effects available will show up in the menu, simply tap the amp or effect you wish to use.  
  • You can now drag this effect to the desired position in the chain by tapping and holding the effect .
  • Tap the “x” arrow to return to your signal chain if you want to cancel.

Delay Effect BPM Sync

All the delay effects are equipped with a BPM sync feature indicated on each pedal by a small BPM switch.  Activating this switch (by tapping it) will sync the delay effect with the current BPM of the metronome located at the bottom of your screen.

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