Live View

Control Pad

We separate control pad into several parts, the first 4 block in first row is preset part, you can switch on each preset very easily. the first 4 block in second row is control part, long press on the block allows user to choose its control function:

  1. MIDI Learn : Set MIDI to this block
  2. Toggle Pedal : Turn on/off for specific pedal
  3. Toggle Fx Category : Toggle on/off status on specific category
  4. Tap Tempo : Set the bpm by tapping on the block
  5. Splitter Channel Select : Select channel on dual path
  6. Stick on board : Turn on if you want to keep the assigned switch alway on the board

Signal Path

Pedals is not allowed to change its sequence in Live View , but you can tap on it to turn on/off effects.


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