Tuner and Metronome


To access the tuner, tap on the tuning fork icon located at the top of your screen.  Turn the volume up on your guitar for best results.  Pick a string and it’s note will register on the tuner.  The tuner is set to standard tuning for guitar.  Turn your tuning keys until the desired note is lined up with the needle in the window.  A green glow will appear when you are in tune.  Repeat this for the remaining strings.



To access the metronome, tap the BPM in the top portion of your screen.  The metronome can be set by using the slide wheel by turning it left or right to raise or lower BPM.

- tap BPM

To set BPM by tap, first turn the metronome on (tap the power button in the top right corner) and continuously tap the “tap” button in a rhythmic fashion to match the beat of your song.

- beats

There are a few beats you can choose the metronome to keep time in. 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4.  To switch beats, simply press the 2, 3, or 4 button

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