How Do I Upgrade to Higher License Tier?

I own several product licenses, how do I know the upgrade price for me specifically?

As long as you're logged in, our website will automatically scan for the license(s) you own, and deduct all the prices accordingly. 

To check if the prices you see are already discounted (based on the licenses you currently own), feel free to log out of our website and go back to the store section to see the original price. 


I own BIAS FX 2 Std/Pro. I’m seeing upgrade pricing for BIAS FX 2 Pro/Elite, but I’m not seeing the same upgrade pricing reflected in the bundles. Why?

For bundles, the prices will be deducted accordingly if you already own any item in the bundle. However it does not take into account the upgrade pricing. 

For example, if you own FX 2 Pro, any bundle that includes FX 2 Pro will be discounted accordingly, but bundles with FX 2 Elite will not be discounted. 


I've purchased an upgrade. Do I need to uninstall the old version and re-install for the upgrade?

No. Simply log out inside the application (such as BIAS FX 2/Amp 2 Standalone), and log back in to see the change takes effect.

You should also be able to check the newly purchased license under Settings -> App Information -> License Tier.

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