How to restore my purchases on my iPhone?

Since BIAS FX Mobile Universal released, all the expansion packs you've purchased for BIAS FX Mobile are now available on iPhone too.

1. With your iPhone, enter AppStore and search for BIAS FX. 

2. Click to download and install.

3. Launch BIAS FX Mobile Universal, a pop-up will ask you if you want to restore the features in BIAS FX 

4. Click "Proceed", same old trick? Yes, click "UNLOCK EFFECT", which directs you to Facebook. Like us on Facebook to get a free Pitch Shifter from us!

5. Back to BIAS FX Mobile Universal, click "Restore Purchase" to start restoring.

6. Done. Check Store again to see if it's "INSTALLED". If yes, you're all set - explore the sheer power of this tiny arsenal. 

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