Factory Reset


We can all lose our way a bit, especially with so many tone options. If you ever decide you want to start fresh, a Factory Reset is sometimes the best way to go:


1. First, make sure the power is Off.

2. Hold both the Utility Switches on the Front panel ‘Down’ and turn the power On - hold them until they start flashing in an alternating fashion.


3. Once they are flashing, hold the Wireless button until it stays lit up in Blue. This will allow it to Factory reset.


You can also Factory Reset by using BIAS Amp Professional and BIAS Amp iOS for iPad:



1) Connect your BIAS Rack via USB to your desktop computer and select Factory Reset.



2) On the next screen you will see a message explaining what the Factory Reset will do, and asking if you want to go ahead with the reset - If yes, then select Reset and your Factory Reset will begin. Screenshot_2019-07-31_13.59.37.png


1) First connect via Bluetooth to the head and access the Settings, then click Reset Factory Default.


2) A box will appear - letting you cancel should you decide not to go ahead. If you do want to reset, select Reset and the Factory Reset will begin.





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