BIAS AMP 2 FAQ (Pre-order)

(Last Updated: 1/27/2018)

What is the BIAS AMP 2 pre-order all about?

Now that BIAS AMP 2 is about to be released, you can pre-order and get early access to the ultimate virtual amp designer. PLUS, you will get a pack of Exclusive Artist Presets (available for pre-order users only).


When will BIAS AMP 2 be available?

We plan to officially release BIAS AMP 2 in late January, 2018.


Do I need to pay up front?

No. You won’t be charged until we send you an early access download via email.


What BIAS AMP 2 version will I get before official release?

We plan to send out early access invitations starting in mid-January, continuing to the end of month. With these invitations, you will get an early version of BIAS AMP 2, along with free weekly updates until the official version is available.


Can I cancel my preorder?

Yes, you can do so by contacting our support team.


I own BIAS AMP and BIAS FX. Do I get a upgrade discount?

Yes. If you pre-order BIAS AMP 2 now, you will get a special upgrade price at checkout. Please login to your account to see your upgrade and crossgrade price.


What payment methods are accepted for BIAS AMP 2 pre-order?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.


Do you ship outside US/Canada?

Yes. BIAS AMP 2 pre-order and regular orders ship globally as a digital download.


What are the specific artists presets I’d get with the pre-order?

BIAS AMP 2 Standard pre-order gets 2 exclusive amp model presets by Dan Weller from Sikth. BIAS AMP 2 Professional gets these presets, PLUS an additional amp match preset by rock giant Rob Caggiano from Volbeat. BIAS AMP 2 Elite pre-order gets everything from BIAS AMP Standard and Pro pre-order, PLUS additional amp match presets from Rob Caggiano, Brazilian Fusion shredder Lari Basilio, and metal giants Epica.


Where are the artist presets Positive Grid promised to offer for Pre-order customers?

We already released to all customers on 1/26. Please check your mailbox for the notification mail and instruction for how to import them. 

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Can I buy BIAS AMP 1 now and get a free upgrade?

Yes, starting January 16, 2018 until the official launch, if you purchase BIAS AMP 1 you will receive BIAS AMP 2 (at the same license tier) via email, when it's officially available. By January 27, 2018, all customers who purchased before January 16, 2018 should already got the free license. 

a. Please visit

b. Click Account to login (in the upper right corner)

c. Enter Download Page and enjoy.

If there's issues about downloading or activating on your computers, please write us at and we'll look into it. 



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