BIAS AMP 2 Pre-Order Release Notes

To ensure proper operation, please read this thoroughly before attempting to install your BIAS AMP 2 Early Access version.

1. Since this Early Access version is only available to our pre-order customers, this build should be regarded as a beta release. Thus,

  • It is NOT compatible with BIAS FX integration at the moment. Do NOT export your amps to BIAS FX, as it may cause some unexpected behaviors. We’ll implement this integration with the next official build. 
  • Do not connect your BIAS Head/Rack to your computer while using BIAS AMP 2. We will follow up with a compatible version in another release for all BIAS Head/Rack users.
  • It is not compatible with BIAS AMP 1 either, be them desktop or mobile. BIAS AMP 1 and 2 have separate ToneCloud instances. Presets can only be shared from BIAS AMP 1 to BIAS AMP 2, but not the other way around.


2. If you participated in the beta test, or if you have an earlier version installed on your computer, please make sure to follow these steps before installing the Early Access version.

     a. Uninstall your previous version:
     If you’re on Windows 7, refer to this article
     if you’re on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, follow these steps:
     if you’re on a Mac, simply locate the program on your Drive, drag it to Trash Can and done. 
     b. Next, delete these files and folders 
         /Users/[User_name]/Documents/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2 (folder) 
         /Users/[User_name]/Library/Application Support/PositiveGrid/BIAS_Amp2.settings (file)
         C:\Users[User_name]\Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_AMP2  (folder)
         C:\Users[User_name]\AppData\Roaming\PositiveGrid\BIAS_AMP2.settings file)
     c. Now that the previous version and related files have been removed, you can proceed with the actual installation.
3. The following is a list of known issues that have been reported to Positive Grid. To report an issue not listed here, please write us at
  • Factory Reset will not wipe out Quick Snap settings (Mac and Windows)
  • Factory Reset will remove presets in the Custom folder on Mac (We strongly suggest uploading your presets to ToneCloud as private to backup your presets).
  • Some operational glitches still exist when using the Quick Snap feature.
  • Users have to log into their ToneCloud account at the start of every session (Windows)
  • Using built-in DAW save/recall functions may lead to incomplete UI the next time you reopen the same session (Mac and Windows)
  • Moving presets around or saving background pictures may sometimes cause UI errors under certain circumstances (Mac and Windows)
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