[Update 2/26] Notice: BIAS FX and BIAS AMP 2 Integration


[Update 2/26]

Finally, the latest BIAS FX works with BIAS AMP 2, which means you can create the amps you want in BIAS AMP 2 and further export to BIAS FX (1.6.0 or later). 

Thanks for your patience with us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Positive Grid team


[Update 2/23]

To our BIAS AMP 2 users,

We deeply regret to announce that there has been another setback in our efforts to bring BIAS FX integration for BIAS AMP 2 users. The release for the planned BIAS FX integration update has been pushed back.

Our development teams are in the process of ensuring that the integration feature for BIAS AMP 2 and BIAS FX provides the best user experience for our BIAS AMP 2 users.

We look to provide another update on this matter very soon.

Thank you

Positive Grid team


As you may know, custom amplifiers created with BIAS AMP and BIAS AMP 2 can be loaded into your BIAS FX signal path, enabling nearly infinite customization of your own personal tones.

Please note that some of the features in BIAS AMP 2 had to be fine-tuned to ensure that the integration of these 2 applications works seamlessly, and that means that an update to BIAS FX will also be required for your best experience. 

What This Means For You:

• BIAS AMP 1 still works the same as it did previously, and integrates with BIAS FX as normal.
• BIAS AMP 2 currently works as normal as a standalone application, or hosted as a plugin in your  DAW
• A new update of BIAS FX will be required to enable the integration of these 2 applications.
• We expect the new BIAS FX update to be ready within the next 14 days.

Thank you.

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