Solution to BIAS AMP 2 launch failure on OSX10.12 or 10.13

1. Please open Launchpad, type: terminal

2. Now you're into terminal. 

[your computer name]:~ [your ID]

3. Please type 

[your computer name]:~ [your ID] cd ~ [enter]

[your computer name]:~ [your ID] ls -al [enter]

Now you're supposed to see something like this. Locate Documents and see if it's presented like this:

4. If it's exactly the same, the root cause is not Documents. Please refer to this article and follow the steps to troubleshoot. 

5. if you see Documents showing Documents -> ./Documents, it needs to be corrected.

Please type:

[your computer name]:~ [your ID] rm Documents [enter]

[your computer name]:~ [your ID] mkdir Documents [enter]

Now your Documents folder has been restored. Please launch your BIAS AMP 2 again.


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