Updated History & Release Notes (iPhone)

Changes in BIAS Amp 2 iPad


Bug Fixes

  • Revised BIAS MINI firmware (version: to address LED hang issue
  • App crashes while loading the preset "Boogie Distortion2"
  • ToneCloud page shows redundant bottom bar margin
  • Cannot save EQ level for factory device presets
  • The Device preset menu icon glitch- when switching presets
  • Presets get reset after uploaded to ToneCloud
  • The Preset status gets reset after relaunching the app
  • Wrong screen status after uploading presets to ToneCloud
  • Wrong Reverb/NG positions on the control panel (iOS 10)
  • Unable to check ToneCloud description when uploading presets
  • The setting icon status error when connecting with HW
  • Temporary mode notification is not fully shown


Changes in BIAS Amp 2 iPad


First release

* Support BIAS Head/Rack/MINI
* Support hardware activation for BIAS Head/Rack/MINI

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