How Do I Get My Free BIAS Amp2 Desktop License?

All BIAS Amp Series hardwares (BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass and BIAS Head/Rack) come with a free BIAS Amp2 Pro Desktop license.
To get your BIAS Amp2 Pro desktop license, you need to register your device to your Positive Grid/ToneCloud account.

Follow the steps below to proceed:

1. Make sure you already own a Positive Grid/ToneCloud account, you can sign-up here:


2. Log in to the license & download page, download and install the latest version of BIAS Amp 2.

3. Connect your BIAS Amp Series hardware unit to your computer via the supplied USB cable, and leave it powered off until BIAS Amp2 Desktop is installed and set up on your computer.

4. Log in to your Positive Grid/ToneCloud account in the BIAS Amp2 Desktop software.

5. The registration notification will pop up, click on REGISTER to proceed:

6. Make sure your Positive Grid/ToneCloud account corresponds to the "Current Owner Account".

7. Registration is now completed. The BIAS Amp2 Desktop license has been transferred to your ToneCloud account.
Navigate to top right Setting Menu-App Information to check your license tier.

*Please note that BIAS Amp2 Desktop license will be locked to your BIAS Amp2 Series hardware unit (MINI Guitar/Bass and BIAS Head/Rack) upon completing the aforementioned registration process. If you decide to put up your unit for sale, please make sure that you write to us first to deactivate your license from your Positive Grid/ToneCloud account before selling your hardware unit to the new owner. By doing so, the new owner will be able to register his/her account and obtain the license.

**If you’re looking to purchase a used BIAS Amp Series hardware, please ask the previous owner to send us a request to have his/her license deactivated, ensuring that you can register to obtain the license.

***You can also register via the BIAS AMP 2 iPhone/iPad app, check this tutorial:
Free BIAS Amp 2 iPad/iPhone for BIAS amplifier users



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