BIAS FX 2 Preorder FAQ


1. What is the BIAS FX 2 pre-order all about?

BIAS FX 2 is about to be released! Now you can pre-order and get early access to the next chapter to the best amp-and-effects guitar processor. Plus, you will get a special upgrade price if you’re already a BIAS FX 1 owner, just log in to your PG account and you’ll be good to go.


2. When will BIAS FX 2 be available?

We plan to officially release BIAS FX 2 in mid-late March, 2019.


3. Do I need to pay up front?

No. You won’t be charged until we send you an early access download via email.


4. Can I cancel my preorder?

Yes. You can do so by contacting our support team.


5. What BIAS FX 2 version will I get before official release?

We plan to send out early access invitations before the official BIAS FX 2 launch. With these invitations, you will get an early version of BIAS FX 2, along with free weekly updates until the official version is available.


6. I own BIAS AMP 2 and BIAS FX. Do I get an upgrade discount?

Yes. If you pre-order BIAS FX 2 now, you will get a special upgrade price at checkout. Please login with your account to see your upgrade and cross-grade price.


7. What payment methods are accepted for BIAS FX 2 pre-order?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.


8. Do you ship outside US/Canada?

Yes. BIAS FX 2 pre-order and regular orders ship globally as a digital download.

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