a. Tuner

You can click the icon on top right to open the Tuner window.



The default setting of Tuner is muted (click to unmute). The Tuner range can be set between 430Hz and  445Hz (default value is440Hz).



b. BPM

BPM is on the middle of the top bar. You can directly input the BPM or tap out the tempo you want. Clicking the lock icon will lock the speed at the global setting of your DAW (this doesn’t affect anything in the Standalone version)


c. Quick Snap

Quick Snap is on the middle of the bottom bar.  This feature allows you to quickly compare different signal path settings to determine the perfect tone for you.


To save a snapshot from a signal path, press and hold on the desired number of quick snaps (about 1 second) until it shows “Quick snap captured”, and you can click back and forth on the numbers to compare them. If you feel a particular quick snap is tonally the best fit for you, just click “Apply” on the top right to apply this signal path setting to this preset.


d. Output Setting

The entry point of the output setting is on the middle right of the bottom bar.  This is almost the last stop of the signal flow (just right before the output volume) where you can shape your overall EQ and control the amp module  according to different environments / purposes. If you want to engage this module, please remember to turn the flip switch to “ON”.


We have 4 default settings for different connections and scenarios. You can turn on/off any module and adjust EQ compensation, and any edits will be saved immediately.


- Direct Out: If you're using an audio interface + studio monitors/headphones

- Stack Poweramp & Combo Poweramp: If you want to send the output from your audio interface to the effect return on a guitar amp

- Amp Front: If you want to send the output from your audio interface to the input on a guitar amp.



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