*Pre-order has ended. The app is now released.

Q: I pre-ordered BIAS FX 2 Mobile, but I don’t see it on my mobile device. Where can I download the app?
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile should’ve automatically been downloaded and installed on your mobile device if the  automatic downloads option is enabled on your device. If the automatic downloads option was disabled when the pre-order was made and you don’t see BIAS FX 2 Mobile on your device, you can find it in your purchases to download the app.


Q: Do I need to pay for my pre-order?  (Pre-order ended)
A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile is free to download. There is no charge for pre-ordering the app. On the release date, the app would be automatically downloaded to your mobile device or appear in the purchase section of your app store (based on your setting), you can then decide if you want to purchase in-app purchases.


Q: Can I cancel or change my pre-order?  (Pre-order ended)
A: Yes, you can cancel your pre-order anytime before the release. Please refer to the Apple Support document here for more details.

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