Tuner/Tap Tempo/Preset Tutorial


Spark amp:

  • Hold on the Tap button for a few seconds, and the button lights will be turned off, signifying that the Spark has entered tuner mode. In this mode, the Speakers will be deactivated.
  • In tuner mode, the five buttons represent how in-tune the notes are.
  • When a note is perfectly in tune, button 2 will light up a green light.
  • If the notes are sharp from the target note, buttons 3 and 4 will light red lights.
  • If the notes are flat from the target note, button tap and 1 will light red lights.
  • To exit tuner mode, hold on the tap button for a few seconds, and the flashing lights will resume.


Spark app:

  • You may access the tuner from within the Spark Menu page, activate the tuner on the Spark 40, or via the Spark Control Tuner command. (If you don't see the option, please update your Spark app to the latest version.)



  • The Tuner will automatically mute your guitar output. Exit the Tuner page or deactivate the tuner on the Spark 40 by pressing the Tuner button or any of the Hardware Preset buttons to unmute your guitar.



Tap Tempo

Spark amp:

  • The tap button will always be flashing; the flash indicates the tempo of the delay function.
  • To modify it, simply tap on the Tap button a few times to the tempo you desire.


Spark app:

  • When the BPM Sync switch is in the on position on a delay pedal or modulation pedal, the Tap Tempo BPM button will appear.
  • Tapping the button will allow you to enter a page to tap a tempo, adjust the tempo with the + or - buttons, as well as manually input a BPM value.
  • Save the preset to save the BPM information for the preset you’re on.





When you click on button 1~4, you will access one of the 4 default presets. When you first click on it, the button will light up, and it will not be flashing. When you make any modifications to it, the button will start to flash, signifying that the preset is no longer in its default setting.




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