Spark Bags & PreSonus Headphones Shipping Update

If you purchased a bundle with a Spark bag or PreSonus headphones, please rest assured they are coming soon. You will receive a separate tracking number for these items. Here is more detailed information:


  • U.S. & Canada Purchasers - Most customers will receive their Spark bags in August, with the remainder in September and October. Most PreSonus headphones will ship in September, with the remainder in October. We do apologize for any inconvenience as we work to fulfill these items.


  • European Purchasers - Most bags will be shipped by the end of September, with the remainder in October. Headphones will be shipped together with your Spark


  • Australia & Japan - Most bags will be shipped by mid October and should be delivered no further than late October.


  • All other regions - Your bag or headphones will ship together with your Spark.
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