Firmware Update for Spark

*For Windows users: Please install the ASIO driver here before updating the firmware*

*Please try to update the firmware with a different computer if attempts to update the firmware keep failing. 

      1. Turn on your Spark guitar amp, and backup your custom presets to ToneCloud or Spark app first.


     2. Download and launch firmware update tool:

    • Windows: unzip and launch the “Spark Firmware Updater Win” file
    • Mac: unzip and launch the “Spark Firmware Updater OSX” file

      *Please scroll down to the bottom and you will see the files*
      *The updater software should be started BEFORE plugging the Spark into the USB port*


      3. Connect your Spark amp to a computer using the bundled USB cable, or any other USB cable  that has type A or type B connectors


      4. When the firmware updater is launched, click “Connect Hardware”, 

         *If the firmware updater does not connect to the hardware, please try restarting your computer and Spark amp and unplugging /plugging the USB cable again


Once the hardware is detected, click “Check to update”



The app will start updating the firmware. Once the update is completed the message below will appear. Check if the new firmware version meets the description on the download page




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