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We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding Spark app/software and their answers.


Q: Can the Spark app be downloaded on a computer?
A: No. Spark app only supports Android and iOS devices.


Q: On which versions of iOS / Android systems is Spark app supported?
A: Supported iOS version: iOS 11.3 or later

Supported Android OS version: Android 8.1 or later


Q: Where can I find the Spark app?
A: Apple App Store:

Google play:


Q: Do I have to purchase the Spark mobile app?
A: No. Spark app is free for download on iOS and Android devices.


Q: Are the presets built in or do you have to buy them?
A: Yes, there are factory presets built into the amp itself, plus lots more you can load in from the accompanying free Spark app. You also can find thousands more presets and tones free of charge when you log into Spark ToneCloud.


Q: Can I load presets from BIAS FX 2 into Spark, or vice versa?
A: No. Spark will not load presets from BIAS FX 2, neither the other way around. 


Q: Can we play music from Spotify/Apple Music via Bluetooth with Spark while playing guitar at the same time?
A: Yes, you can jam with any streaming app with Spotify/Apple Music at the same time. For further information, please visit this link.


Q: Can the Spark app transpose songs during playback?
A: The Spark current does not support the function of transposing songs for the Auto Chord feature.


Q: Can I use Spark app without Spark Amp for guitar tones?
A: No, Spark app is only an editor for Spark Amp. 


Q: Is there a time limit to Spark app's video recording?
A: 15 minutes.

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