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Basic Information

Q: What is Spark Control?

Spark Control is the highly requested footswitch to control the Spark amp and app.


Q: How is Spark Control different from other existing footswitches for Spark? 

Spark Control is the only authorized foot controller that's fully compatible with Spark App, allowing you to control a wide variety of functionalities only available in the app, thus far more versatile as a result.


Q: What can Spark Control do?

  • Assign and change presets
  • Assign and toggle effects
  • Start, stop, and pause music / backing tracks and Smart Jam
  • Activate Tuner
  • Tap Tempo
  • Creative Control features (Creative Wah & Custom Wah) for Experience Jimi Hendrix™ Expansion


Q: Is Spark Control powered by a built-in battery? What charger/adaptor should I use?

Yes, Spark Control comes with a built-in battery. For charging, we recommend using the supplied cable with a charging brick (not included) that features a USB port and supports at least 500mA charging. Charging via computer is not recommended.

Alternatively, any 9V center-negative power supply used for powering most guitar pedals can also be used to charge Spark Control.


Q: How long does the battery last?

The battery will last 150~200 hours on a single charge.


Q: What is the wireless range of Spark Control?

Around 150+ feet.


Q: Where is Spark Control manufactured? 

Spark Control is made in the USA.




Q: What is the price of Spark Control? When will it be available? What is the waiting time?

Please refer to Spark Control product page for further information.


Q: As a new user, where can I buy one? I’m not seeing it on your website.

Currently we are only opening Spark Control sales to select Spark users in the US, EU, UK, CA, and AU. We’ll make an announcement when Spark Control is available for other regions.


Q: Why is Spark Control not available to new customers as a bundle?

Due to Spark Control's limited status, we are currently unavailable to offer the product as a bundle. We will make the announcement once it is ready to be purchased as a bundle.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship to the following countries/regions:


America: United States, Canada.

*Due to restrictions from our financial partners and local carriers, Positive Grid does NOT ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam and Hawaii & United States Minor Outlying Islands.

Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, France, 
United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, 
Czech Republic, Latvia, Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Estonia, 
Portugal, Finland, Croatia, Romania.

*Due to restrictions from our financial partners and local carriers, Positive Grid does not ship to remote islands and dependencies, including but not limited to Canary Islands, 
Isle of Man, etc.

Oceania: Australia.


*We currently cannot deliver to P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses. Please note that there may be minor delays for international deliveries due to COVID-19.


Q: How many Spark Control can I purchase with one order? 

Each customer can purchase a maximum of 2 units of Spark Control


Q: Will Spark Control be available via any other vender or Amazon?

Currently, we are only offering Spark Control through our official website.




Q: What app & firmware versions are required for Spark Control?

Required Spark app version: iOS: / Android: or newer

Suggested Spark amp firmware version: or newer

See also: How to Update Spark Firmware (Video Tutorial)


Q: Is connection with Spark App necessary to use Spark Control?

Yes, your Spark amp must be connected with Spark app in order to use Spark Control, since Spark Control connects to the app instead of the amp.


Q: How do I connect Spark Control to my Spark Amp?

  1. First, connect your phone or tablet to your Spark Amp.

  2. Turn on your Spark Control by pressing the power button until the blue light flashes.

  3. Go to the “Profile menu” and click on the “+ Spark Control”.
  4. Spark app should automatically search and connect to Spark Control.


Q: How do I assign functions to Spark Control?

  1. Once you’ve connected your Spark Amp and Spark Control to your device, go to the Tone Page, tap the icon next to the ToneCloud icon to access the Footswitch Menu.

  2. Tap on the buttons below to customize the functionality of the corresponding footswitch.

  3. Once you’ve customized the functions, press the three dots on the top right corner to save the footswitch profile, allowing you to recall the settings when you need them.


Q: How do I know Spark Control’s battery status?

You can check Spark Control’s battery status via the red LED indicator on the footswitch.

  • Solid Red - Powered on and fully charged
  • Flashing (every 3 seconds): Low Battery
  • Flashing (every second): Charging


Q: How do I know Spark Control’s connection status?

You can check the connection status via the “Profile Menu” in Spark app, or via the blue LED indicator on the footswitch.

  • Solid Blue - Pedal Press
  • Flashing (every 3 seconds): Connected
  • Flashing Rapidly (twice a second): Ready to Connect
  • Flashing Very Rapidly (5 times a second): Connecting


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