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We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding Spark MINI.


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Q: What is Spark MINI?

A: Spark MINI is a portable smart guitar amp and Bluetooth® speaker with an all-day battery and deep app integration. It includes several smart features such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, all powered by the award-winning BIAS tone engine. You can stream and listen to your favorite music via Bluetooth®, pick up your guitar and play along – all on-the-go.


Q: What is a “smart amp”?

A: A smart amp combines a traditional guitar amplifier with advanced amp & effect modeling technology, smart features, and deep app integration that allows it to do more than you ever thought a guitar amp could do.


Q: What makes Spark MINI different from the original Spark?

A: Think of Spark MINI as an ultra-portable and compact version of the original Spark – with battery power. Packed with all the same smart features such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, Spark MINI also shares the same Spark app, and is powered by the award-winning BIAS tone engine. Want sound that fills the space in your home studio? The original Spark has you covered. Want to take your tone on the go? Spark MINI is small enough to fit just about anywhere, with unbelievable sound that beats any other travel amp of its size. Plus, you can listen to your favorite music anywhere with Spark MINI’s Bluetooth® audio streaming.


Q: If I already own Spark 40, should I also get a Spark MINI?

A: Spark MINI is a great addition to your gear collection, even if you already own Spark 40. Jam at home with Spark 40 and hit the road with Spark MINI. Due to its compact size, Spark MINI can fit into any space in your life. It’s the perfect desktop, nightstand, backyard, go-anywhere Spark. They share the same Spark app and all the great smart features so you can take your favorite tones anywhere without having to find a power outlet.  


Q: Is the Spark MINI battery powered?

A: Yes, Spark MINI is powered by a rechargeable internal battery which can last for up to 8 hours of play time. Of course, you can plug it in, too. It comes with a USB charger cable.


Q: What colors will Spark MINI come in?

A: Spark MINI is available with either classic Black and Pearl genuine Tolex. Alternate grille color options (sold separately) will be available as well. 


Q: Can I change the grille on the Spark MINI? What are the options?

A: Yes, the grille on Spark MINI is interchangeable with any of the colors available at Positive Grid. Currently it comes in the standard classic and the brand-new signature crimson grille (sold separately).


Q: The strap on the Spark MINI is double sided (black/red, white/red). Is the strap reversible? 

A: Yes! We all like a change of pace once in a while. So does Spark MINI. 


Q: Can I use Spark MINI as a Bluetooth® speaker to play music?

A: Yes, you can connect any Bluetooth® ready device to Spark MINI to play music or audio from your favorite videos with full spectrum sound. 


Q: Does Spark MINI work as an audio interface like Spark?

A: Yes, Spark MINI includes a USB jack that connects to a computer for use as an audio interface. 


Q: Do I need to pay to unlock any functionality in the Spark app with Spark MINI?

A: No, all features advertised are included in the one-time purchase price. There are no subscriptions, extra fees or unpleasant surprises. 


Q: Does Spark MINI have a line-out?

A: Yes, Spark MINI includes switchable headphone/line-out jack for use with powered monitors, FRFR cabs and PA mixers. 


Q: What are the specs of Spark MINI? (size, weight, loudness dB, etc.)

A: W: 5.25” x L 5” x H 6.5”. 3.5 Lbs. 


Q: Does Spark MINI come with a charger? If not, what charger should I use?

A: Spark MINI includes a USB C charging cable you can use with your computer or most phone chargers.


Q: Where is Spark MINI manufactured?

A: Spark MINI is designed in California and assembled in a state-of-the-art facility in China.




Please visit for full details on the pre-order.




Q: How do I get the software that comes with Spark MINI? I’m not seeing the download link in the user center.

A: Spark app is a free download from Google Play and Apple App Stores. Please note that Spark app is only available on Android/iOS devices.


Q: Can I use Spark MINI by itself without connecting to the Spark app?

A: Absolutely! Spark MINI includes four factory presets of the most commonly used amp and effects tones, ready for you to plug in and play instantly, anywhere. You can also save your own tones or those downloaded from the ToneCloud to the four presets. The ToneCloud is an ever-expanding online sharing platform with over 10,000 tones created by Spark users, artists, producers and Positive Grid. Spark MINI also is a great Bluetooth® speaker, you can simply connect and go to listen to music anywhere.


Q: I already have the Spark app. Do I need to update the app in order to use Spark MINI?

A: No, you can use Spark MINI as is, but the app update is easy, free and gives you even more features you may fall in love with such as, an accurate in-app tuner, switchable headphone/lineout jack, 2nd generation Smart Jam and more. 


Q: Is the Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark expansion pack compatible with Spark MINI?

A: Yes! The Experience Jimi Hendrix Gear collection is compatible with Spark MINI. Now you can take your band of Gypsies on the trail and play anywhere, anytime!


Q: Is Spark MINI compatible with Spark Control?

A: Yes, Spark Control controls app functions and can be used Spark MINI, giving your foot control a wide variety of settings, from the wilderness to the stage and studio. 


Q: Can Spark MINI load the same presets I have on Spark 40? How do I transfer presets?

A: Yes, your favorite presets on Spark 40 can be loaded and played on Spark MINI through the Spark app. Easy!


Q: Can I connect any other instruments such as a keyboard or vocal mic to Spark MINI? 

A: Although Spark MINI is designed for guitar you could use it with keyboards and a microphone with the proper adapter. 


Q: Can I purchase two Spark MINI’s and stereo pair them?

A: You could use two Spark MINIs with an external stereo effects unit but they do not link to each other and cannot be controlled by one app.


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