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Experience Jimi Hendrix™: Spark Expansion Pack

To activate your expansion pack, make sure that you have updated both the Spark Amp app and firmware of the Spark MINI to the latest version. 


  • Updating the App:

To update the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your device, then go to the Spark app page and tap on “Update” to download and install the update.


  • Update the Firmware:

Please follow the instructions in the link.


After that, simply log in to your Positive Grid account that you used when you purchased the expansion pack from the Spark app or Spark MINI bundle, and all the features included in the expansion pack will be unlocked automatically.


What’s Included:

Explore some of the most coveted gear in Jimi’s possession during his career. 6 amps and 6 effects pedals are included in Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark:


  • Amps

Amp Name in Spark

Inspired by

J.H. 45/100

Marshall JTM45/100

J.H. Super 100

Marshall Super Lead 100

J.H. Bass Master

Fender 1968 BASSMAN 50

J.H. D-Show Master


J.H. Sun 100S


J.H. Tone City 100

SOUND CITY One Hundred


  • Effects

Effect Name in Spark

Inspired by

J.H. Axle Fuzz

Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz

J.H. Super Fuzz

Marshall Supa Fuzz

J.H. Octave Fuzz

Roger Mayer Octavia

J.H. Fuzz Zone

Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone

J.H. Legendary Wah

Vox 846 wah-wah pedal

J.H. Legendary Vibe

Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe Junior

  • Famous Moments and Jimi’s Gear

Take a trip through Jimi's monumental rock & roll history and the gear that defined it all with Famous Moments. Choose a specific amp or pedal from one of our official presets to get a taste of that piece of gear's unique tone. Access Famous Moments by tapping on the banner in the Music page!


  • Auto Tone

Jam along with your favorite Hendrix™ songs and Spark will display chords and even switch presets for you, automatically. To access the songs that include this feature:


1. Go to the Music page and tap on the Experience Jimi Hendrix™ banner at the top of the page.

2. You may access the songs that have Auto Tone enabled by:

    • Going into any of the articles featured in Famous Moments and scrolling down to the bottom of the page
    • Going into any of the articles featured in Jimi’s Gear; if the gear was used in the creation of the tone for a song with Auto Tone enabled, it will show up at the bottom of the page
    • Playing any of the songs listed at the bottom of the Experience Jimi Hendrix™ page under Auto Tone

3. Tapping into the song, Spark will take a few seconds to load the presets. Once all the presets are loaded, the song will begin to play. Play along with the song and once the red circle on screen becomes connected, the next tone will be loaded.

4. To turn off Auto Tone, tap the Auto Tone slider at the bottom of the song detail page, or if you’re on a different menu, tap the X on the right side of the global player at the bottom of the screen to close the song and revert to your previously loaded preset. You may also turn off Auto Tone from the amp control menu.


How to Purchase:

You may purchase the expansion pack directly from the app. Tapping on any of the amps or effects included in the pack when you have not purchased it will bring a pop up to purchase.

You may also tap on the banner located in the Music screen to purchase the pack. The license will be linked to your Positive Grid account, so please make sure to purchase the expansion pack after you’ve logged in to your account.


Restoring your purchase

If you have purchased the expansion but are still unable to access its contents, restore your purchase by following the instructions:


1. If you're on an Android device, make sure to login to your device with the same Google Play Store ID you made the purchase with. On an iOS device, make sure to login to your device with the same Apple ID you made the purchase with.


2. Open the Spark app and connect to your Spark amp.


3. Login to your Positive Grid account. Any licenses associated with your account should be detected automatically.


4. If it doesn’t detect automatically, go to the Music page and tap on the Experience Jimi Hendrix™ banner. Tap on “Already Purchased?” in the window that opens to restore your purchase.


If you're intending to use the expansion pack across systems (Android <-> iOS), please follow the instruction below:


1. On the original device (you made the purchase with), make sure you've logged in with both your Google Play Stroe ID/Apple ID and PG account.

2. On the new device, login with the same PG account.


If you encounter any further issues with your license, please make sure that your Google Play Store ID/Apple ID on your phone is your main account that you installed Spark on, and retry the steps above. If you still encounter issues, please contact our support team.


*Other product names mentioned in this page are trademarks of their respective companies that are not endorsed, associated, or affiliated with Positive Grid. Fender, Marshall, Vox, Sunn, Sound City, Roger Mayer, Maestro, Dallas Arbiter, Supro, Silvertone, Danelectro are trademarks or trade names of other manufacturers and were used merely to identify products. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

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