Using Spark MINI as a Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

To stream the audio to Spark MINI, first, you have to pair your mobile device with Spark MINI. Spark MINI can only be found under the Pairing Mode.

Once the mobile device and Spark MINI are paired up, they will be automatically connected to each other if they are at a close distance.


To pair a new device to Spark MINI, please refer to the steps below:

  1. Tap the PAIR button on the back panel of Spark MINI to enter the Pairing Mode. The Bluetooth Indicator will start to blink.
    *Please tap and release the PAIR button immediately, holding the PAIR button will enter tuner mode.
  2. Go to the system settings of your mobile device, and search “Spark MINI Audio”. Tap on it and Spark MINI will be paired up.
  3. Once they are connected, the Bluetooth Indicator of Spark MINI will be a constant blue


*Spark MINI will exit Pairing Mode if no devices are connected within one minute of entering Pairing Mode

*Spark MINI is capable of remembering 2 devices in its memory. If the most recently connected device is not detected, it will try to connect to the 2nd one.

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