Quick Start

Simply connect your interface to your iOS device, plug your guitar into the ¼ inch jack, and connect your headphone or PA system, start the app and it’s ready to rock!

Once connected, the volume LED bar indicates the app’s output level. You can tap on the small icon in the right of output volume to adjust individual stereo output volume.

BIAS FX supports most iOS headset and USB guitar audio interfaces designed to work with iOS.


To start:

  • simply select a preset from the preset menu, browse through each preset can help you to learn the possibility of the tone creation.
  • In the signal path area, you can turn on/off each amp and effect, change the order of the signal path.
  • Single tap the small icon on the signal path, you can select the control panel of the amp/effect to adjust each parameter.
  • Experiment with different combinations, create your own presets and save in the preset menu.

In live performance or recording, it’s highly recommended to use Airplane Mode to minimize the interference from external signals.


Older iOS devices may experience unwanted sound when using the Ultra-Low latency as well.

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