FAQ - BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass

Q: Where can I purchase a BIAS MINI Guitar amp or Bass amplifier?
A: To find a dealer near you, please visit our dealer locator at: https://www.positivegrid.com/dealer/

Q: What’s the difference between BIAS MINI Guitar and Bass?
BIAS MINI Guitar and BIAS MINI Bass are essentially the same hardware, only BIAS MINI Bass has a combo speaker output jack that can use both speakON and 1/4” speaker cables, and BIAS MINI Guitar has a traditional 1/4” speaker output jack. MINI Guitar is silver and comes pre-loaded with 16 custom guitar amplifiers, and MINI Bass is black and comes pre-loaded with 16 custom bass amps, but both amps can use either guitar or bass patches.
Q: Does BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass come with any built-in effects?
A: Yes, BIAS MINI Guitar and Bass feature nine reverbs, as well as a noise gate and compressor/limiter.

Q: Can I get a redeem code for the iOS version of BIAS AMP on the App Store?
A: BIAS AMP 2 iPhone & iPad are downloadable from the App Store as freemium apps. The full BIAS AMP 2 mobile functionality can be unlocked by completing the hardware registration/activation process within BIAS AMP 2 mobile apps, no redeem code needed.

Q: I don’t have the redeem code for my BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass amplifier, what can I do?
A: Every unit comes with a redeem card for the desktop version of BIAS AMP 2 Professional. If you can’t find the redeem card inside the box, or you have problems redeeming the code, please open a support ticket at: https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and send us a copy of the receipt.

Q: I purchased my used MINI through a local music shop. Do I need to purchase the BIAS AMP software?

We are not able to transfer the license from a previous owner to you due to our software license policy, so if the license was already claimed by the previous owner you will need to purchase BIAS AMP 2 Professional to connect MINI with your desktop computer. Alternatively, you can download the mobile version of BIAS AMP 2 for free when it becomes available (in mid May 2018), and use your iPad or iPhone to control BIAS MINI.
Q: What MIDI footswitch do you recommend to use with the BIAS MINI?
A:  BIAS MINI Guitar and Bass are compatible with any standard MIDI controller, and are capable responding to either MIDI PC (Program Change) or MIDI CC (Control Change) messages. Please refer to the manual for further details.

Q: Could the built-in 300W amplifier cause damage to my guitar/bass speaker cabinet?
A: BIAS MINI amps provide 300 Watts RMS @ 4 ohms and 150 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms. Please use caution when turning the volume all the way up to avoid the risk of damaging your hearing. Also, please DO NOT connect the unit to a powered speaker or grounded equipment such as effect units (pedals), DI boxes and audio interfaces or mixers, as that could cause serious damage to MINI.
Q: What impedance should the speaker cabinet I use with MINI be?
Since BIAS MINI uses a Class D power amplifier, you can technically connect it to any single 4, 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinet. Unlike tube amplifiers, you do not need to connect a speaker cabinet to BIAS MINI in order to run direct or use the headphone output.

Q: How do I connect my FX pedals using the FX loop?
A: The Effect Loop is designed for users who want to put their effect units AFTER the preamp. To use the Effect Loop on the rear of your BIAS MINI, please follow these steps:
  1. Use two mono TS 1/4” cables to connect to your external equipment.
  2. Connect MINI’s Send to the input jack of effect unit.
  3. Connect the output jack of the effects unit to BIAS MINI’s Return jack

4 if you need to adjust the level of the Effects Send for some reason, you can do that using the Master Output encoder. Refer to the manual for more information.


Q: How do I connect the BIAS FX software to BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass Amp?
A: Since BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass Amp doesn't come with any built-in effects, you can still use your existing overdrive/distortion pedals (let's say a dynamic one) in front of it, or route the reverb/delay/phaser (modulation) to the FX loop of the BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass Amp.
Please follow these steps.
1. Connect your iPad or computer with an audio interface for sending signals out from BIAS FX to the BIAS MINI Amp.
2. BIAS FX software already comes with preamp/power amp simulations, so it will be better to turn off the simulations for better performance.
3. Connect Send of BIAS MINI Amp to the input jack of the audio interface.
4. Connect the output jack of the audio interface to the Return of the BIAS MINI Amp.

Q: Can I connect to an external power amp or other gear, without connecting MINI’s onboard power amp to a guitar cabinet?
A: You bet. Unlike tube designs, BIAS MINI doesn’t require that a speaker be connected to function normally. You can use either the Line Output or FX Send output to connect to external gear, be it an external recorder, power amp or PA mixer.

Q: Can I use a ¼ inch TS cable to connect BIAS MINI Bass to a bass cabinet?
A:  Yes, the Speaker Output jack on BIAS MINI Bass is compatible with both ¼ inch TS and speakON cables

Q: What's the dimension of BIAS MINI Guitar/Bass?

A:  - Dimension (H x W x D): 2 x 9.5 x 8 in. (50 x 241 x 203 mm)
- Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6kg)


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