*Note that the recording time limit of Looper is around 3 min max.

Navigate to the Toolbox by clicking the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner. 

Click "Looper" in the Toolbox menu.





1. The top left of the Looper menu is where you can select the total length and tempo of your recording. You can select up to 16 bars of recording length or set it to free (which will allow you to record up to 3 min). For tempo, you can directly input the BPM or tap out the tempo you want, and clicking the lock icon will lock the speed at the global setting for the plugin/standalone.

2. On the top right is the metronome setting for the looper. You can set up the count of each bar, the count-in to the recording, and the sound of the click during recording.

3. On the middle left is the Looper recording/playing/dubbing control panel. You can click the circle to start recording your first loop, and after recording the first loop, you can play along with it or click the circle to dub another loop on top of it. Undo clears your last loop, while Clear clears the whole recording.

4. On the middle right is the volume adjustment of the metronome(click) and the Looper.

5. On the bottom you can choose your action after recording and when to record your dub (right away or when the next loop starts).  If you select the looper location to the “pre” position, this looper will become a re-amp machine: it will loop your last recording and you can dial in your tone in the signal path without playing your guitar.

6. The export button allows you to export the current recording to a 24-bit, 48kHz wave file.


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