Basic Setup Guide for Spark MINI & PreSonus Studio One

*If you haven't registered your Spark MINI and download PreSonus Studio One, please refer to the link HERE.



1. Connect your Spark MINI to the computer via USB cable and make sure it's powered on.


*If you're on Windows, please download and install the driver first. 


2. Go to Windows Control Panel > Sound, and set the Spark MINI as the default audio device for Playback & Recording.


Make sure the MUSIC VOLUME knob on the Spark MINI is turned up, and test the basic audio playback with YouTube or iTunes. 

*Mac users please skip this step.



3. Launch Studio One. Select 'Configure Audio Device'.



4. In 'Playback Device' and 'Recording Device', set both to 'Spark MINI USB' (for Mac) or 'Positive Grid USB Audio Device' (for PC).


5. After that, click OK to exit.


6. To record the audio from Spark MINI into Studio One, open a new session (song) and add a new track (Type must be "Audio"). Input and Output should be both set to 'Main'.




7. Under the 'Record Input' list, find the 'Audio I/O Setup' option.



8. Select 'Add (Mono)' to add new input, and select OK.


9. Now when you have the Monitor and Record button enabled, you should get the signal from Spark MINI. 



10. Hitting the Record button at the lower bar will start the recording.



For more in-depth information about Studio One, we recommend you check out PreSonus' YouTube channel.

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