How to use Tuner on Spark 40

Tuner is available for both the Spark app and the Spark amp. To access the tuner in Spark app, please see How to use Tuner in Spark app.

  1. Hold down the “TAP” button for a few seconds. You’ll see the LEDs on the preset buttons switch off, indicating the amp has entered tuner mode.

    *Please note that in Tuner mode, the guitar output will be turned off.

  2. In Tuner mode, the LEDs on the five buttons represent how in-tune the notes are.

    - When a note is perfectly in tune, button CH.2 will light up a green light.
    - If the notes are sharp from the target note, buttons CH.3 and CH.4 will light red lights.
    - If the notes are flat from the target note, buttons “TAP” and CH.1 will light red lights.

  3. To exit tuner mode, hold down the “TAP” button again for a few seconds until the LED resumes flashing.
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