Remote Mode


In Remote Mode, BIAS Pedal is controlling the BIAS Distortion Pro pedal.



  1. Preset Menu - Browse presets found on both BIAS Distortion and locally within BIAS Pedal.

  2. Preset Actions - You can save and overwrite current preset settings, save current settings as a new preset, or upload the current selected preset to ToneCloud.

  3. In-app Purchase - Purchase BIAS Pedal - Distortion Pack, Delay Pack, or Modulation Pack.

  4. Setting Menu - Settings menu, you can see the device information for BIAS Distortion and app information for BIAS Pedal.

  5. Tool Tips

  6. Signal Path - Shows all the distortion modules. You can design your own sound

  7. BPM Control

  8. Store to Pedal - Store current preset to BIAS Distortion.

  9. Noise Gate

  10. Amp Room - Choose the amp model for the distortion pedal to preview the sound (disabled during Remote Mode)

  11. Customize - You can customize the name and look of the pedal.

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