Signal Path & Settings Menu


Signal Path

We visualize the process of the distortion shaping the tone.

  1. Custom Panel - Shows the looks of the pedal

  2. EQ 1 - There are 3 different EQ modules to choose from (Studio EQ, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ)

  3. Clipping Stage - Controls the distortion process

  4. Output Stage - Controls the tone shaping process

  5. EQ 2 - There are 3 different EQ module to choose from (Studio EQ, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ)

  6. Power Module - Controls the compression and output level



Settings Menu

  1. Disconnect
    Disconnect with the BIAS Distortion pedal

  2. Device Info
    Includes Device name, rename, S/N and firmware upgrade

  3. Bypass Type
    Choose from True Bypass or Buffer Bypass for BIAS Distortion Pro

  4. MIDI Channel
    Set the MIDI Channel

  5. Backup & Restore
    Backup all the presets from device in app. You can restore to any other BIAS Distortion Pro. Up to 5 backups

  6. Factory Reset
    Allows you to reset the device to factory default

  7. App Information
    Including Factory Reset (local), app version and other information

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