BIAS Pedal Integration Overview


BIAS Pedal Integration

BIAS Pedal is the world’s first tone match modeller.

With BIAS Pedal app connecting with BIAS Distortion Pro, you can:

●  Manage the presets from the pedal
●  Import new preset to pedal
●  Import Pedal Match presets to pedal
●  Real-time remote control the pedal
●  Customize the pedal
●  Pedal Match feature
●  Download presets from ToneCloud


Redeem your BIAS Pedal Desktop Software

BIAS Distortion comes with a license of BIAS Pedal - Distortion Pack for desktop (Mac/PC), allowing you to use it as a standalone application or as an audio plugin in your DAW (digital audio workstation). You can redeem the application on our website: 

Once you redeem and install the BIAS Pedal - Distortion Pack software, please log into your ToneCloud account within BIAS Pedal through the settings menu to activate the license.

●  Plugin version - Works as a plugin. You can add BIAS Pedal plugin as an audio FX of the DAW.

●  Standalone version - Works as a standalone application. Supports hardware integration features.


Download BIAS Pedal Mobile

For the BIAS Pedal mobile software, you can download the trial version on Apple’s App Store. With the trial version, you can connect with BIAS Distortion Pro and access all the features of hardware integration. You can also unlock the Distortion Pack by purchasing it from the in-app store.


Requirements for BIAS Pedal mobile:

iOS 9 or above. iPad 3 or above with 400 MB memory storage.

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