Firmware Upgrade


With BIAS Pedal, you can keep BIAS Distortion up to date with new features and bug fixes. This allows BIAS Distortion to keep improving itself for better performance, sound and fun.


To make sure that your BIAS Distortion pedal is always up to date, connect the pedal to the BIAS Pedal software on your Mac/PC or on your mobile device. Within BIAS Pedal, go to Settings menu => Device Information => Firmware to check the latest firmware version to see if you need to update the device.

During the firmware update, please do not turn off the power or disconnect it from the BIAS Pedal app. Please allow some time for it to update as it takes a few minutes to complete.


Please visit our website to find out what’s new for each update.


If you accidentally disconnect the pedal during the firmware update, don’t worry. Follow these steps and you can recover your pedal easily.

  1. If the update ends abruptly, BIAS Distortion will turn into Bootloader Mode.

  2. In Bootloader Mode, the pedal is not functional, but you can still connect with the BIAS Pedal desktop app with a USB cable or the BIAS Pedal mobile app via Bluetooth.

  3. Once you connect the pedal with BIAS Pedal, the app will automatically restore BIAS Distortion.

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