Global Parameters


The global parameters in the bottom bar include those for the Noise Gate and Room Control processors. Any changes to parameter values here affect BIAS Amp overall.

Noise Gate

The Noise Gate reduces noise from an input such as a microphone or electric instrument. It is particularly useful for reducing hum or other background electrical noise.

THRESHOLD - Turn the threshold knob until the noise stops or decreases to an acceptable level.  

DECAY -  Decay sets the rate at which the Noise Gate will attenuate the signal once it drops below the threshold. Higher values will make the signal fade faster once it drops below the threshold.

Room Control

Room control simulates a nice room, small to large in size. This gives a better listening experience and simulates a real world-like environment, so you can develop your sound easier.

SIZE - Size controls the virtual size of a room simulation. Increase the Size value to add increased room ambience to the sound.

DAMPING - Damping controls the decay rate of the room reflections.

COLOR - Color adjusts the amount of high-frequency absorption, for a darker or brighter reverb tail.

MIX - Mix sets the ratio of wet (room) and dry (guitar) sound.

Input and Output Volume

You can control the overall input and output volumes using their respective sliders in the control bar. Adjust the input volume slider to optimize the input level for your particular guitar pickup. To get the best signal-to-noise ratio, drag the input slider so that when you play your guitar the very loudest, the LEDs in the input level meter hit 0dB. The lock switch for the input-volume slider prevents you from changing the input volume accidentally.

Quick Snap

BIAS Amp offers 8 quick presets for instantly saving the current global settings. Just press and hold one of the 8 slots to save or overwrite. This is a useful tool to help you do A/B comparisons during your sound development or store your favorite amp settings for instant recall.


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