BIAS FX Integration

BIAS Pedal is designed to work seamlessly with BIAS FX. Each pedal you create in BIAS Pedal can be imported into BIAS FX.

Once imported, your BIAS pedal will be saved as an effects unit inside BIAS FX.


Import Pedal to BIAS FX


Tap the BIAS FX button located on the right hand side of the screen. BIAS FX will automatically load and your current pedal will be imported into BIAS FX.

Once imported, open the effects menu in BIAS FX by tapping the ”+” button, and you will find your custom pedal listed in "BIAS PEDAL" under Distortion, Delay, or Modulation category.


Delete Custom Pedals in BIAS FX


If you want to delete your custom pedal in BIAS FX, tap on the trash can icon to delete. Deleting your custom pedal in BIAS FX will not delete your custom pedal in BIAS Pedal.


Edit in BIAS Pedal


Once your custom pedal has been loaded into BIAS FX, you can go back to BIAS Pedal at any time to make any adjustments to the pedal or load a different pedal by tapping the BIAS Pedal icon. Once you're done making adjustments in BIAS Pedal, tap the BIAS FX icon again to load the newly modified pedal back into BIAS FX.


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