X Drummer - General FAQ

Q: How can I duplicate multiple MIDI patterns at once?
A: There is no such function, the duplicate function is for individual patterns only.


Q: Can I edit MIDI patterns?
A: Yes, please refer to our Song Editor article for more in-depth info.


Q: I don't understand what Play to Find does... What is it?
A:  Play to Find is the perfect tool for any guitarist that's looking for a simple and quick solution for creating drum tracks. It listens to your idea, such as a riff or a chord progression, and searches for a drum track that matches the tempo and feel of your performance. For more info, please refer to our Play to Find article.


Q: My drum track sounds good, how do I export it to audio or MIDI?
A: Yes, you can find the Export function in the Project menu. We provide audio (including wav/aif/m4a/mp3/flac) or MIDI (General Midi) format for your project. For more info on how to export your drum track and audio recordings, please refer to our Recorder article.


Q: Is there a mixer to mix different drum sounds? I want to boost certain sounds of the kit.
A: You can adjust the volume of each individual drum or cymbal in the Drum Page. Please refer to our Drum Kit article for more info.


Q: When I save a drum track, does it save the drum kit as well? Or are they saved separately?
A: Projects and drum kits are saved independently.


Q: Does it support IAA? If yes, does it work as a host or a plugin?
A: Yes, version 1.5 now supports inter-app audio, enabling you to route sounds and effects from your favorite music apps into X Drummer. This also means that BIAS FX, BIAS Amp, BIAS Pedal, and JamUp can all be integrated into X Drummer. For more info, please check out our Recorder & IAA article.


Q: Is there ToneCloud that I can download other users' drum tracks from?
A: Yes, we are working on a cloud-based sharing system called "Drum Cloud" that will be released in the near future.


Q: Can I load my drum samples? I want to expand its sounds.
A: It supports our on-board samples only.


Q: It looks like a DAW, may I record multiple tracks to it?
A: With version 1.5, you're now able to record an audio source such as your guitar right into X Drummer. This means that you'll be able to overdub your guitar right on top of the drum track. For more info, please refer to our Recorder & IAA article.


Q: Are you going to add more styles to it? Hip-hop or reggae maybe?
A: Version 1.5 features brand new drum grooves as well as drum kits. There are also in-app purchase items available.


Q: Can I connect my MIDI controller to my iPad and play the drums with it?
A: It does not support external MIDI controllers at the moment.


Q: Can I edit 4-bar loops and make it 2-bar? I just want a part of it.
A: Yes, you can tap on the pattern and you can trim it to the length that you want.


Q: What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for X Drummer? I have iPad 2. 
A: You need iOS 10 or later to run X Drummer. Older iPad models such as iPad 4, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air are compatible. Unfortunately, iPad 2 is not supported. 


Q: Can I integrate my Roland electric drum kit to it?
A: It does not support external electric drums at the moment.


Q: Are you going to add more percussion sounds to X Drummer? Djembe or Cajon?
A: We're focused on drum sounds at the moment, but we'll consider adding more percussion samples in the future.


Q: I want a desktop version of X Drummer. Will this option be available in the future?
A: Only iOS version is available at the moment, but we will definitely look into a desktop version in the near future.


Q: I want a different swing, can I change each part's quantization? Or I can't change the drum notes at all?
A: They are fixed and cannot be changed. We will consider making this available in the future.


Q: What is the MIDI mapping?
A: Your project can be exported in MIDI (General MIDI) format directly and edit the mapping in any of your favorite DAW software.


Q: I cannot hear any sound. Preview and MIDI patterns do not produce any sound. How do I fix this?
A: Please delete the app and install it again. If the issue persists please send us a support ticket here: https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Q: Are these drumloops royalty-free? I want to use them immediately for the songs I'm working on.
A: Yes they are, you can use them for your music creation freely as you wish.

Q: Can I use my Bluetooth speakers with X Drummer?

A: To avoid potential interference and latency issues, Bluetooth speakers are currently not supported.

Please also refer to General FAQ if your question is not answered here.
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