X Drummer - General FAQ

Q: How can I duplicate multiple MIDI patterns at once?
A: There is no such function, the duplicate function is for individual patterns only


Q: Can I edit MIDI patterns?
A: Yes, please refer to the chapter: Pattern Fine Tune of our user manual.


Q: I don't understand what AI does... What is it? What am I supposed to do with "learn guitar" and "play backing track"?
A: Learn Guitar: Drum AI will listen to you guitar and sort out matched drum patterns, so you can play alone with it to develop your music idea. You can send the drum track to song editor for further editing and save it as a project if you want. Play backing track: You can quickly get a drum backing track without any input, it is designed for you to practice and explore.


Q: My drum track sounds good, how do I export it to audio or MIDI?
A: Yes, you can find the Export function in the Project menu. We provide audio (including wav/aif/m4a/mp3/flac) or midi (General Midi) format for your project.


Q: Is there a mixer to mix different drum sounds? I want to boost certain sounds of the kit.
A: Mixer function is not available at the moment.


Q: When I save the drum track, does it save the drum kit as well? Or are they saved separately?
A: Drum track projects and drum kits are saved independently.


Q: Only 4 drum kits as a start seems too basic, are you going to add more drum kits in the future?
A: Yes, more preset drum kit will be available in the future.


Q: Does it support IAA? If yes, does it work as a host or a plugin?
A: Yes, plugin only.


Q: I can't move the parts to the place I want them to, is it a bug?
A: You can arrange drum pattern position by long pressing and dragging the pattern. You can arrange blank spaces by adding empty patterns from the top right section of the song editor.


Q: Is there ToneCloud that I can download other users' drum tracks from? If no, maybe in the future?
A: Yes, we are going on a cloud concept named "Drum Cloud" and will be released in the near future.


Q: Can I load my drum samples? I want to expand its sounds.
A: It supports our on-board samples only.


Q: It looks like a DAW, may I record multiple tracks to it?
A: No, X Drummer is not a digital audio workstation and the recording function is not available.


Q: Are you going to add more styles to it? Hip-hop or reggae maybe?
A: This will be available together with drum cloud.


Q: Can I connect my MIDI controller to my iPad and play the drums with it?
A: It does not support external MIDI controllers at the moment.


Q: Can I edit 4-bar loops and make it 2-bar? I just want a part of it.
A: Yes, you can tap on the pattern and you can trim it to the length you want.


Q: My iPad Pro (12") can not display the whole UI, what should I do?
A: X Drummer supports iPad Pro 12" layout since 1.0.2, please upgrade your X Drummer accordingly.


Q: What are the minimum hardware and software requirements for X Drummer? I have iPad 2. 
A: All iOS 10 compatible iPad models , e.g. iPad 4/iPad mini2/ iPAD Air. Unfortunately, iPAD 2 is not supported. 


Q: Can I integrate my Roland electric drum kit to it?
A: It does not support external electric drums at the moment.


Q: Are you going to add more percussion sounds to X Drummer? Djembe or Cajon?
A: We're focused on drum sounds at the moment, but we'll consider adding more percussion samples in the future.


Q: I want a desktop version of X Drummer. Will this option be available in the future?
A: Only iOS version is available at the moment, but we will evaluate to go desktop in the future.


Q: I want a different swing, can I change each part's quantization? Or I can't change the drum notes at all?
A: They are fixed and cannot be changed. We will consider making this available in the future.


Q: Why can't I change the "Resonance" for my cymbal?
A: Resonance is a parameter for drums only, not for cymbals.


Q: I can't delete unwanted drum category. How do I go about doing that?
A: We will add this feature with version 1.0.2.


Q: What is the MIDI mapping?
A: Your project can be exported in MIDI (General MIDI) format directly and edit the mapping in any of your favorite DAW software.


Q: I cannot hear any sound. Preview and MIDI patterns do not produce any sound. How do I fix this?
A: Please delete the app and install it again. If the issue persists please send us a support ticket here: https://help.positivegrid.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Q: Are these drumloops royalty-free? I want to use them immediately for the songs I'm working on.
A: Yes they are, you can use them for your music creation freely as you wish.


Please also refer to General FAQ if your question is not answered here.
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