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Q: Can I use BIAS Pedal on my iPhone?
A: No, BIAS Pedal iOS is for iPads only.
Q: What Apple® iOS devices is BIAS Pedal compatible with?
A: BIAS Pedal (iOS) requires iOS 10 or above to run, and it is compatible with the following iOS devices. 
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air Air/Air2
  • iPad 4
  • iPad mini/mini 2/mini 3/mini 4


Q: Why BIAS Pedal has no sound output ?
A: There are several settings might help to solve this problem:
1. Check your iOS privacy setting. iOS added the privacy setting for microphone access, it will ask your permission at the first time startup. You can go to iOS setting -> Privacy -> Microphone to enable it.

2. Check mono audio setting. In the iOS setting -> accessibility -> mono audio, make sure it's off.

3. If you are using external speakers, please select speaker mode in the Setting -> Output Selector -> Speaker. Or try to use a stereo cable but only plug left or right into your aux-in or line in.

Note: If your interface has 2 outputs, use 2 cables - a Stereo Cable (One jack that splits to Two jacks) will give you a much smaller output sound.

4. If you are using an USB input adapter, try to change the input channel setting to a different channel (Settings -> Input Channel)



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