Login Failed: 0, 7, -201

Login Failed: 0

You might just have to revert to standard email/password login from now on, instead of using Facebook.  On some systems, Facebook login is problematic.

Please follow the link below to reset your password and try again to login using your email and the new password. 

Login Failed: 7
Please try the method below:

1. Use the instructions from the Microsoft website, to turn
off the firewalls by command prompt (running it as an administrator). If you have any Anti-Virus on your PC, please try to close it temporarily as well.

2.Then start the Bias Pedal standalone (also run it as an
administrator, by right-clicking the app icon ), and try to login ToneCloud again.
Login Failed: -201
Please rename the BIAS_Pedal folder in Documents to "BIAS_Pedal backup" and restart BIAS Pedal.
Please make sure you replace your own username in the < > column, or you may not reach the folder.


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