How to Use MIDI Track + MIDI Controller to Change Presets in Logic Pro ?

The MIDI PC feature of BIAS FX only works on MIDI tracks in Logic Pro and most of the DAWs,

If you want to use a MIDI Controller to change presets in Logic Pro, please follow the steps below: 


1.Load BIAS FX as a MIDI-Controlled effect from the instrument slot of a software instrument channel strip. Once you configure BIAS FX to respond to the MIDI data, you should be all set MIDI-wise.




2.As for the audio side of things, when loading BIAS FX as a MIDI-controlled effect, it will take audio from the side-chain input located on the upper right corner of the plug-in window.




3.To set the Program Change message, please click on the Edit button of specific preset to enter the Edit window.



  • In the Edit window, you can set the Program Change number or change the preset name. Please be aware a PC number can not be assigned to multiple presets.




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