ToneCloud for BIAS Pedal

To find ToneCloud in BIAS Pedal (desktop), click the cloud icon to enter ToneCloud. you can login, search or browse presets by popularity, date, or type.





Sync over different Platforms

Click In MyTone section, a list of all your shared presets can be found.


You can sync with your iOS version, or download these presets over both platforms giving you limitless ability for traveling with your tones.

Preview, Download and Comment

Click on the Pedal’s thumbnail, and it will give you 2 options;

  1. You can preview the tone, play along with it and see if it’s right for you
  2. You can also tap on download, choose desired bank and preset slot, then save the preset to your list.
  3. You can comment and rate these tone’s to let users and the maker know your thoughts



Sharing your Tones

Sharing your tone’s couldn’t be easier!

  1. Simply click on the icon with the arrow pointing up, next to the preset drop-down box 


    2. Fill in the details of your pedal, the type, and explain to other users what is in your pedal 



Saving Presets

When you want to save a preset, press the icon with a down arrow to save the preset.

  • If you just want to modify current preset and save at the same spot, just tap on “Overwrite” and it’ll finish.
  • If you want to save at a new spot , tap on “Save As New” , tap on desired spot and fill in the new preset name and it’ll finish.

Step 1


Step 2



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