Expansion Packs for BIAS FX Mobile Universal


To see what's included in the expansion packs found in the BIAS FX in-app store, please refer to the list below:


Essential Analog Effect Pack

Noise Reduction (Gate)
Guitar Muff (Drive)
Clone Drive (Drive)
SAB Driver (Drive)
Cloner (Mod)
Classic Vibe (Mod)
Tremolator (Mod)
Stripe Flanger (Mod)
Analog Delay (Delay)

Classic From 60’s Pack

Noise Filter (Gate)
Opto Comp (Compressor)
Tube Boost (Boost)
Thrash Master (Drive)
Mutron (Mod)
Uni-Vibe (Mod)
Chorus One (Mod)
Analog Phaser (Mod)
Deluxe Delay (Delay)

Effect Powerhouse Pack


*Not pictured: 4K Comp

4K Comp (Compressor)
S-Booster (Boost)
Tube Driver (Drive)
Fuzz Arsenal (Drive)
Poly Octaver (Mod)
Dual Phaser (Mod)
Ring Mod (Mod)
Reverse Delay (Mod)
Ping Pong (Mod)
Ambient Reverb (Reverb)

Acoustic Pack


*Not pictured: Acoustic Preamp

Acoustic Preamp (Drive)
Acoustic EQ (EQ)
Acoustic Chorus (Mod)
Acoustic Reverb (Reverb)

Acoustic Simulator (Acoustic)
Acoustic Image (Acoustic)

Bass Pack

Bass Compressor (Compressor)
Bass DI Driver (Drive)
Bass Deluxe (Drive)
Bass EQ (EQ)
Bass Octave (Mod)
Bass Chorus (Mod)
Bass Envelope Filter (Mod)

Studio Rack Pack

Studio Comp (Compressor)
Preamp (Drive)
Studio EQ (EQ)
Echotape (Delay)
Dual Spring (Reverb)

Metal Signature Pack


Merrow Gate (Gate)
Merrow Drive (Drive)
Loomis OD (Drive)
Loomis PQ (EQ)
Frostburn Chorus (Mod)
Frostburn Delay (Delay)


*Please note: The Metal Signature Pack amps are a complete amp/cab solution and there isn't a way to turn off the cab, nor modify the amps in BIAS Amp.*




Loomis Metal (High Gain)
Merrow Fire (High Gain)
Merrow 5153 (High Gain)
Frostburn Fire (High Gain)
Loomis 120 (Acoustic)
Frostburn Ice (Acoustic)

*You can also purchase pedals, effects units, and amps individually in the in-app store, just tap on the "Expansion Effects" tab to purchase them.

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