What expression pedal works with BT2/4?

2 expression pedal types that are able to work with BT4:

  1. Expression pedals that works with TRS connection, such as the Roland EV-7, EV-5, Korg EVP-2, or Moog EP-2 and EP-3. The rule of thumb here is the expression pedal must have TRS connection, which rules out volume pedals. The pot inside the expression pedal has three connections, a top, bottom and wiper. The bottom is connected to the plug’s Sleeve, the top is connected to the plug’s Ring and the wiper is connected to the TIP.
  2. Damper/Sustain pedal for Keyboard, such as the Roland DP-10, DP-2, M-Audio SP-2, Korg DS1H. Also, you can use a footswitch, such as the Boss FS-5U/5L.



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