How to Backup Amp Presets on the Device/Software?

BIAS Head/Rack device:
1: Connect BIAS Head/Rack to computer via USB.
2: Select Backup & Restore and create a save point.

All presets on the device will be saved to here:

MAC: UserName/Documents/Positive Grid /BIAS Amp2/RemotePresetsWarehouse
WIN: C/Documents/Positive Grid /BIAS Amp2/RemotePresetsWarehouseWin_Remote_Presets_Warehouse.png

BIAS Amp Desktop:
All the presets you've downloaded from ToneCloud will be saved to the BIAS Amp folder, please copy the folder to a different location or just simply rename the
BIAS Amp folder to backup(i.e. BIAS_Backup).
The BIAS Amp folder can be found here:
MAC: Username/Document/BIAS

BIAS Amp Mobile(iOS) Version:
1:Upload all the amp presets to ToneCloud.
2:Connect BIAS Head/Rack to iPad via Bluetooth and select Backup & Restore to create a save point.

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