BIAS FX Audio Settings (Mac)

You can find the Audio Settings via Settings->Audio Settings in BIAS FX Standalone (BIAS FX plugins will follow the settings of DAWs)




Output Section




- Output Device

Select your audio interface as your Output Device


- Output

Choose "Stereo" or "Mono" output 


- Output Channel

Choose the corresponding output(s) (on your audio interface) connected to your studio monitors/speakers or headphones


Input Section




- Input Device

Select your audio interface as your Input Device


- Input

Choose "Stereo" or "Mono" input, if you're using only one input for your guitar, please choose "Mono"


- Input Channel

Choose the corresponding input(s) (on your audio interface) connected to your guitar/instrument


Sample Rate & Audio Buffer Size




- Sample Rate

Please choose the desired sample rate(supported by your audio interface)


- Audio Buffer 

Please choose the desired buffer size, please also refer to this link to set the optimal buffer size.

*We recommend 44100 sample rate/512 buffer size as a starting point*


Active MIDI Inputs




Please select the MIDI inputs that you want to use


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