BIAS AMP 2 Mobile Integration

Loading your custom amps from BIAS AMP 2 Mobile in BIAS FX 2 Mobile is as easy as loading up an amp in BIAS FX 2. All factory amps and your own custom amps in BIAS AMP 2 Mobile can be loaded within BIAS FX 2 Mobile.


To use the amp(s) from BIAS AMP 2 in BIAS FX 2, please follow the instructions below:

*Please ensure you've installed BIAS FX 2 Mobile and BIAS AMP 2 Mobile on your mobile device.


1. Click the BIAS AMP 2 Mobile icon in BIAS FX 2 Mobile:


2. BIAS AMP 2 Mobile will be opened automatically, then you can customize your amp in BIAS AMP 2:


3. After customizing the amp, please click the export icon on the right side:



4. BIAS FX 2 Mobile will be switched back with your customized amp ​from BIAS AMP 2 Mobile:


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