What is Spark CAB?

Spark CAB is a 140-watt powered FRFR guitar cabinet/speaker (check below for more information) designed to work seamlessly with Spark 40, Spark MINI, and Spark GO amps - providing a hassle-free setup and operation, as well as other gear and digital modeling processors. The Spark CAB provides guitarists with a versatile and high-quality sound reproduction solution for use in live performances, recording sessions, and home practice. The cabinet features a 10-inch woofer and 2 high-frequency dome tweeters, powered by a built-in 140-watt Class D amplifier.


What is an FRFR speaker?

An FRFR speaker, which stands for "Full-Range, Flat-Response" speaker, is purposefully crafted to faithfully replicate audio signals without adding any coloration/tonal alterations.


This type of speaker finds frequent application in professional audio settings, studio monitoring, and in conjunction with digital amp modelers. Its primary objective is to uphold the complete audible spectrum, allowing for accurate sound reproduction that preserves all the intricacies and subtleties of the original audio source. This is achieved by preventing any influence from the inherent characteristics of the speaker itself.




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