Can I use Spark CAB only with Spark amps, or does it work with other amps?

Spark CAB is an FRFR cabinet, so it can work with any compatible amplifier such as digital amp processors, digital amp and effects floorboards, amp sims, or any gear that has a line level output.


You have the option to utilize the Spark CAB without connecting it to a Spark amp for direct PA amplification, achieved through the use of the two mono XLR/TRS Combo Inputs.


Additionally, the Spark Input on the rear control panel of the Spark CAB can serve as an auxiliary input (aux-in).




It's important to understand that the Spark CAB is NOT compatible with traditional amps like tube amp heads or similar models. This is due to the mismatch in power transfer, which could result in damage to both the Spark CAB and the amp connected to it. Please refrain from attempting this setup to prevent any potential harm.

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