How to Find Custom Presets When Using BIAS Amp in GarageBand 10

GarageBand 10 runs in a sandbox. It has its own user documents folder in which the presets are stored to.

Usually it is in the location below:

Macintosh HD/Users/{UserName}/Library/Containers/

To share the amps to other DAWs, you can manually copy and overwrite the BIAS Amp folder from Garage Band user documents to ~/Documents/. But beware that by doing so it will overwrite your custom amps created by all other DAWs.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Delete Macintosh HD/Users/{UserName}/Documents/Bias folder (assuming you didn't save any custom amps here).
  2. Run ln -snf /Users/<yourname>/Library/Containers/ ~/Documents/Bias in Terminal. This will link the ~/Documents/Bias folder to your GarageBand BIAS Amp folder. Now you can find the custom amps which are created in Garageband in other DAWs.


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