Preset Management


The presets consist of one factory preset bank and 1 pre-allocated user bank that hold thirty two  presets each.  Here you can store your own configurations, and rename the banks and their contents.

Edit, Delete, Move Preset

You may want to make changes to a preset that was previously created. To do this:

  1. Tap on the edit icon on upper left of the preset popup window 
  2. You can delete the preset by tap on the red “-” icon , tap on the preset name is able to change the name and drag the right side icon is able to move the preset to any place you want
  3. If you drag it to another bank, it will make a copy to that bank. 


Add a New Bank

Add a new bank is simple.  Tap on the “+” of preset popup window and there will be a window to enter the new bank name, after typing bank name, there’s a new bank with 32 presets is ready to use.



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